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Laser cutting machine in the winter working environment temperature at -0 ℃ to add antifreeze

When the temperature of the laser cutting machine working environment is below 0 ℃, the liquid water solidification volume becomes larger may cause irreversible damage to the pipelines, joints and components in the water cooling system. If the water cooling system components freeze, will bring unnecessary trouble to the work.

Now the following warm tips for winter below 0 ℃ anti-freeze protection measures, please read carefully, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

1、Do not add antifreeze
If the working environment will not be blacked out and the user does not consider the cost of electricity, the water cooler is not turned off at night to ensure that the cooling water is in circulation and the temperature is not lower than the freezing point.

2、Use antifreeze as coolant
If there is a power outage in winter and the condition of emptying coolant every day is not available, then antifreeze must be used.

The base liquid of antifreeze is generally composed of alcohol and water, which requires high boiling and flash points, high specific heat and conduction capacity, low temperature viscosity, low blistering, and no corrosion of metal parts and rubber hoses. When choosing or blending antifreeze, its freezing point should be 5℃ lower than the minimum temperature of the use environment.

3、The choice of antifreeze
Add professional brand antifreeze in the water-cooled machine, such as Clariant’s AntifrogenN antifreeze, the minimum ratio is 3:7 (antifreeze 3, water 7), after adding antifreeze can resist -15℃ without freezing.

4、The ratio of adding antifreeze

Antifreeze ratioWater ratioWorking environment temperature

5、Cautions on the use of antifreeze
Any antifreeze can not completely replace deionized water and can not be used for a long time throughout the year. After the winter passes and the temperature rises, you must use deionized water or pure water to clean the pipeline and resume the use of deionized water or pure water as a coolant. At the same time, during the holiday period or laser borrowing its long power outage does not work, please completely empty the water inside the laser, water cooler, machine tool pipeline.

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What are the features of the tube laser welding and cutting flexible production line

The production process of the new generation of tube laser welding and cutting flexible production line is as follows.

Reel → tube making machine → synchronous cutting → deceleration stop → return to original position

After making the tube, it can cut round, square and some shaped tubes online precisely. Same as conventional pipe making line, the raw material enters the pipe making unit and is extruded through the pipe making die, smooth and flat weld seam.

After the pipe sizing and straightening, the pipe is cut into the cutting section, and the laser pipe cutting machine is used creatively instead of the traditional high-speed steel circular saw and band saw cutting, which can realize multi-shape, multi-directional and multi-angle three-dimensional cutting of the pipe on the pipe making line, and the cutting speed is fast. cycle, the accuracy of the material can be up to about plus or minus 0.2mm, the kerf flatness can be up to about plus or minus 0.2mm).

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HAOCE to exit Russian market

Hoace is deeply concerned about the tragic developments in Ukraine and stand with all the people who are suffering.

Hoace has decided to temporarily pause all sales in Russia.

Hoace stands with the people of Ukraine and the governments, companies and individuals around the world calling for the immediate end to the unlawful and horrific attack on the people of Ukraine and their freedom.

Our priority remains to do everything we can to support our colleagues in Ukraine”

We are providing extensive support to our employees and the people in Ukraine and neighboring countries by offering financial donations as well as food and material donations.