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Registered in 2003; please click here: https://www.whois.com/whois/ enter hoace.com to check the registration information (WHOIS global domain name registration information database, the query data are real data.)


In order to meet different customer needs, Hoace Intelligent offers you two different shopping options:

1. Products without after-sales installation guidance
2.One-stop service products

1. If you buy no after-sales service guidance, then please click here to see the specific no after-sales sales policy: https://www.hoace.com/no-service-policy, ; the same product, here will save you 20% of the cost of the product shipment we will be equipped with installation instructions for you as well as the operation manual, which all need to be installed and debugged by yourself if you are an engineer, this will not be any problem for you. If you are an engineer, this will not have any difficulty for you.

2. If you want one-stop service, then you need to pay the service fee, after receiving the machine,

You can see the cost breakdown here: https://www.hoace.com/support/price-breakdown/

you can through the https://www.hoace.com/hoace/contact-hoace/ Submit your question and order number, we will contact you within 24 hours on weekdays, and not immediately communicate with you online, please understand. If you need online video to solve the problem, you need to make an appointment, you need to wait about 2 days, we will have a remote guidance with you.

No matter what kind of package you choose, we will provide you with free replacement of all parts for 3 years, no language any shipping cost.