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Why Hoace


Our Core Values

We remain committed to our founding corporate value: providing customers with quality equipment at low cost and opportunities for employees.

Our mission

Your material?

The CO2 laser machines from eurolaser are ideally suited for cutting and engraving non-metal materials. Typical materials include: acrylic, wood, textiles, foils, plastics

Make cutting easier

It attaches great importance to pre-sales cutting technology and process services, and provides customers with integrated and intelligent cutting solutions.

It attaches great importance to the intelligent complete set of equipment, and provides customers with integrated cutting equipment that can be operated in an intelligent network.

It attaches great importance to the application of new energy, and brings environmental protection and economical processing advantages to customers.

Our Responsibility

Aid education with hot heart
HOACE Laser’s love student aid program has been going on for seven years, and there are currently 3 student aid sites, including Daliang Mountain, Bijie and Zhouqu. In the past seven years, we have received the attention and support of caring people from all walks of life, as well as the active participation of many volunteer partners.
Environmental protection
HOACE Laser, as one of the leaders in energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection in China, actively responds to the call of the times and contributes to the circular development of the economy and the harmonious symbiosis of human beings.
Donating blood without payment
HOACE is a caring enterprise that shoulders social responsibilities. To be an enterprise with “temperature”, let benevolence flow in the blood of every family member.

Our mission is to “actively undertake social responsibilities, encourage and advocate employees to actively participate in public welfare activities”

Care about the Old
Caring for the elderly is the premise of human progress and scientific development. Only when the human mind is pure can society develop healthily.

HOACE Laser strongly appeals that caring for the elderly requires the joint efforts of a society and a country.

The Protection of Children
HOACE Laser cooperates deeply with UNICEF and donates every month. We continue to advocate for high-quality welfare and protection for children; end violence against children and engage children in developing solutions
Targeted poverty alleviation
In order to investigate and study the educational poverty alleviation model more effectively, HOACE Laser conducted extensive research in Xizang, and by subsidizing the problem of college students going to school and vocational and technical college students going to school, all children in 2 counties and 5 townships were sponsored. .