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At HOACE, we always believe that diploma, age, seniority, etc. are not the main indicators to measure talent. The talents we respect are those who have certain knowledge or skills, can make continuous and positive progress, and have a professional spirit of positive contribution.

Everyone can cultivate and grow, and the way to become an excellent talent is to follow HOACE’s corporate values, earnestly perform their job responsibilities, and make their own contributions to the company’s development.

HOACE has set up different career development plans, and constantly improves the performance evaluation system and standards, so that all talents have the opportunity to stand out and be unique.

Let customers buy the most cost-effective products.

Each country has 5 agents

Business philosophy:
Always maintain positive and upward confidence and keep making progress.
Dare to recognize your own shortcomings, to make up for them, and to develop your strengths.

Employment concept:
Full of ideals, with sincerity, kindness, unity, integrity and love.

Benefits and Rewards

The company provides market-competitive salaries for new employees. On the basis of five social insurances and one housing fund, the company additionally provides employees with annual corporate bonuses and family medical insurance, and provides new employees with a house, rent, and meal allowances.

A lot of money is invested every year for employee rewards, such as: scientific and technological innovation awards, goal completion awards, special incentives for housing/purchasing, and high-end talents to solve family work.

Sales Manager

Open Positions

Sales Manager Jinan, China Sales Department 01.01.2022
Sales Manager South America Overseas Sales Department 14.10.2021
Sales Manager Hongkong, China Sales Department 10.05.2021
Software Engineer Jinan, China R & D Department 14.10.2021
Service Engineer Jinan, China After sales department 10.01.2021
Service Engineer Jinan, China After sales department 10.01.2021