Routine maintenance methods of CO2 marking machine

CO2 marking machine can be used to mark on various materials, including wood, glass, fabric, leather and so on. So, what are the tips for daily maintenance in the process of using CO2 laser marking machine?

  1. Before starting the use of CO2 laser marking machine, to ensure that the laser marking machine is already access to cold water. Into the water to follow the principle of low into high. Also pay attention to the location of the outlet pipe, to ensure that the cold water into the cold water pipe, and will be filled with it. In addition, also pay attention to whether there are air bubbles in the cold water pipe, if there are air bubbles first expel the air bubbles. Note that pure or distilled water must be used, and the water temperature should be controlled at 25 to 30 degrees Celsius.
  2. In the use of carbon dioxide laser marking machine process, be sure to pay attention to ensure that the cold water tank clean. The water tank can not have scale, to prevent the blockage of water pipes. Water tank blockage will cause the inability to dissipate heat. If you find that there is scale in the cold water tank, you can use dilute hydrochloric acid to clean the water pipe.
  3. Be sure to protect the lens on the CO2 marking machine, otherwise it will cause the CO2 laser marking machine power drop. If the surface of the lens is contaminated, you can use degreasing cotton or alcohol to wipe the lens until clean.
  4. CO2 marking machine must be kept dry to avoid damage to the machine caused by excessive humidity. Please note: For users who use AC power, the cold water tank must be grounded.