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Suggestion & Feedback


We welcome your complaints and suggestions. The purpose of this form is to collect feedback from clients about their interaction with the HOACE Intelligent.   Providing feedback
  1. You can provide feedback to us in a number of ways.
  2. Email:feedback@hoace.com
  3. Online
    Fill out the following form for feedback.
  4. By post
    Send us your feedback by post to:Ministry of supervision
    1101,rongce,3179 Number Qilu Dadao, Huaiyin, Jinan, Shandong, China
  5. Note:Feedback received through social media is not treated as formal feedback for response and reporting purposes.
    You are not required to provide your name or contact details as anonymous feedback is permitted under the Client Feedback Policy.
  6. If you wish to provide feedback, you must provide a valid email address, unless you elect to remain anonymous.
    After you have provided feedback
  1. If you give feedback, we aim to acknowledge your contact within two working days and respond to your feedback within 3 working days after acknowledgement.
  2. If feedback is sent by post it will be acknowledged within three working days and responded to within 5 working days after acknowledgement.
  3. If your matter is complex it might take longer to resolve. If this is the case, an interim response may be provided to you.
  4. If you are not satisfied with the outcome you receive you can contact the HOACE Intelligent and request an internal review on 0086 531 85899920

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