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Influencer Cooperation

Influencer Cooperation

Are you familiar with Laser Industry? Are you interested in testing different laser parts to share with more people? Here comes the chance!

Part I Hoace Influencer Program

Hoce is searching for effective influencers on Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. Pls don’t hesitate to contact us (cooperation@hoace.com) as you are interested in our influencer cooperation program.   Infuencer Cooperation Program Benefits:
  1. Free Products Available for Free Trial
  2. Extra Festival Gifts  (coupon/ discount or Customized gifts)
  3. Sneak peek for Hoace Latest Products
    Recruitment Requirement:
  1. Active Social Media Channel with followers over 10k
  2. Frequency ofengagement with your followers
  3. Influencers with relevant promotion cases will be preferred
  If you don’t have any promotion cases, if you are not sure whether you can qualified to join in Hoace Influencer Cooperation Program, just contact us, we welcome all of your engagement with Hoace. Join in us .

Part II Hoace Part-Time Technician Recruitment

Are you familiar with laser industry? Do you have laser marking or CO2 machine used for your daily use. We are searching for professional technician as part-time employee in Hoace. What you need to do is to learn about Hoace products and know how they works, offer suggestions to our machine and technician suggestion. For more dedtails, please email cooperation@hoace.com to consult.