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HF Series Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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Applicable Materials:

Metals: Aluminum, Gold, Silver, Copper, Stainless Steel, Brass, Titanium, Tungsten,
Nonmetals: Colored Acrylic, Hard Plastics, Brick, Granite, Marble, Tile, Nylon, Light Button, ABS, PVC, PES, Ceramic, Rock, Stone, Marble, Artificial Leather, etc.
*Some PVC-based acrylics can create toxic fumes when lasered.
Contact us with questions on specific materials not listed, we can process a sample for confirmation.

Applicable Industry:

Workshop,  Hardware industry, Gift Shop, Print Shop, 3C Digital, Souvenir Shop, Jewelry Store, Pet Store, Medical Use, Small Business, Esty Seller, Munitioner, Education, Office, DIY, Kickstarter Entrepreneur.

Application Cases:

Engraving on jewelry, guns, firearms, blades, axes, knives, coins, stamps, forks, spoons, cutlery, flasks, wallets, tumblers, mugs, cups, dog tags, slate coasters, etc.
Laser mark logo, text, barcode, numbers, serial numbers, image, photo on metal & plastic parts and tools, wrenches, measuring tools, sanitary ware, stainless steel, medical equipment, luggage, gifts, table bottom, glasses frames, instruments.

application industry

Machine Features & Benefits

◆ The HF Series Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine is with small size and light weight, good at marking on large-sized work-piece, beyond space limitation.

◆ Positioning: Red light positioning, Focus finder can quickly find the focal length without using a ruler, just to see if the red dots and red lines overlap on the surface of the product which you wan
to mark.

◆ Galvanometer system: The imported high-speed galvanometer scanning head greatly reduces the delay and improves the marking speed to 7000mm/s.

◆ High-Rate of Electrical-Optical Conversion: up to 70%; Specialized optical fiber control card, good marking function, compatible with files of Ezcad2, etc..

◆ Easy and simple Operation: English User Manual, VCD training video, software sending together with the machine, only need to install the driver from the USB flash disk to the computer, can provide computer remote assistance.

◆ The function of marking sofware is powerful! 50W JPT Fiber Laser Marking Machine can be compatible with software files such as Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop; PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP,etc

◆ The machine can directly use SHX,ITF fonts; Automatic encoding, printing serial number, batch number, date, barcode, OR code, automatic jump number.

If you need to mark leather, wood, glass and other materials, it is recommended to use CO2 and UV marking machines.If processing cups, rings and other cylindrical or round bodies,we can provide rotating fixtures. Please contact us for more information : info@hoace.com, we will provide professional solutions.

Free test samples – We can carry out free marking effect tests according to your product material
Video Live- You can connect with our sales consultants to watch the production process and the operation of the machine in online video.

Machine Specification


HF Series Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine






Laser Power

20 Watt

30 Watt

50 Watt

100 Watt

Laser type

Max / Raycus / JPT / IPG Laser Source


1060-1085 nm

Marking Speedy

≤ 7000mm/s

≤ 7000mm/s

≤ 7000mm/s

≤ 7000mm/s

Laser Frequency (kHz)





Pulse Width





Pulse Energy

1 mJ

1 mJ

1.5 mJ

1.5 mJ

Marking deep





Power consumption





Marking area

70*70mm / 110×110mm / 150*150mm 175×175mm / 200×200mm / 300×300mm

Cooling System

Air Cooling

Wooden Packing size

85*55*45 cm / (L*W*H)

Gross weight

60 KG

Optional Rotary Fixture:

50mm, 69mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 160mm, 200mm, 220mm etc.

More optional Parts:

Conveyor table / Vacuum system / Electric XY table.

Electrical Requirements

110V-240V/50Hz-60Hz(According to local electricity supply).

Reference scan area

reference scan area

High-quality F-Theta lenses guarantee a perfect application result over the entire surface.

We can equip different F-theta lens according customer marking products size. Laser standard size :110*110mm, the bigger lens the longer focus so laser beam will be weak.

F-theta Part No.







Working Fields







Recommended Column Height

500 mm

500 mm

500 mm

500 mm

500 mm
800 mm

800 mm

Focal Length

Non-standard 100mm






REMARK : Machine default Standard installation F-160, marking area 110*110mm, Column high 500mm

Machine detail

sino galvo
Sino-galvo scanning head Double red poiner easy find focus,standard incident spot diameter is 10mm. The galvanometer system has the characteristics of zero drift, small size, low temperature and stable and reliable operation.

high light focusing mirror
Wavelength field lens Imported high light focusing mirror.Improve the ability of edge beam incident to the detector makes the probe on the surface of the photosensitive non-uniform illumination uniformity.
raycus laser source
Famous brand Raycus laser source , with stable and long life time , max reach 10.0000+hours , IPG ,JPT laser source all available , let us know your request if any special request.
Aluminum alloy casing The overall material of the casing is oxidized by precision aluminum alloy.Appearance is beautiful and wear-resistant. The internal mechanical structure is reasonable and convenient for maintenance.
working platform
Alumina working platform and imported precise beeline device.Flexibility mesa have multiple screw holes, convenient and custom installation, special fixture industry platform.
bjjcz control card
BJ JCZ control card with EZCad2 software .Simple operation, but po-werful function: Compatible with Windows XP/Nista/ 7/8/10. Compatible with Windows XPNi-sta/7/8/10.
Chuck Rotary device

Chuck Rotary device Rotary axis for fiber laser marking machine jewelry can print any round, square material, with high positioning motor, higher accuracy.

Elevator wheel
Elevator Wheel Aviation aluminum alloy mate-rial.High precision density scale, accurateview of pos-tioning size.
Marking Ruler
Marking Ruler Enables customer to precisely position for fast engraving.Adapting to different products height,higher precision, more detailed.

Kindly reminder

1. If you need for ring , jewelry , bracelet engraving , or tumbler marking , we have different models rotary device here , suitable for different work , so let us know in advance , we will recommend the suitable accessories device for you

2. If you do gold , silver , stainless steel , aluminum cutting mostly , kindly suggest take the fixture together These two are the most popular , there are also have many option accessories , like pen rotary for pen fast speed marking , X Y table for help to adjust product height when working , without moving product etc , kindly list you request , we will recommend suitable accessories based on our professional laser device knowledge

plate fixture
rotary fixture


Ezcad- software

  • Powerful editing function.
  • Friendly interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Support Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, Win7, Win10 system.
  • Support ai, dxf, dst,plt, bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif and other file formats.
  • Support for TrueType fonts, single line fonts USF), SHX fonts, dot matrix fonts (DMF),1D bar codes and 2D bar codes. Flexible variable text processing, changing text in real time during processing, can d-irectly read and write text files, SQL databases and Excel file.

ezcad software


paclomg list

Optional Accessories

optional accessories

Packing & Delivery

packing delivery


* 15 years factory production experience
* 3 years machine warranty
* 156 exported country experience
* 38000 square meters fiber laser marking machine factory

* About Shandong Hoace Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.is established in January 2003, owns more than 2000 square meters of researching and office space, more than 38000 square meters factory.All machines , passed the European Union CE authentication, American certificate and are certified to ISO 9001. Products are sold to USA,Canada, Australia, Europe, South east Asia,Africa etc,more than 160 countries and areas,and supply OEM service for more than 30 manufactures.

About hoace intelligent

Welcome to Visit Our Factory

If you have plan to visit our fiber/UV laser marking machine factory, just contact us is ok, we will arrange everything well according to your schedule. no matter what trantport way that you want to choose, We will have pick you up, if you need us to arrange your hotel, please contact us, 24×7, we always here!

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Our Certificate

Hoace Intelligent certificate


1. Q: What are the file types that Hoace Series Software imports?
A: You can import any jpg, bmp, plt, dxf and png files that you want.

2. Q: What’s the computer requirements?
A: Hoace Series machines are compatible with Windows? XP/7/8/10 both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. The file transfer is performed via USB connection to the computer at speeds up to 500 KB per second or via USB flash drive direct transfer.

3. Q: Is there any laser machine maintenance?
A: All of the configurations of Hoace Series laser marking machine is free maintenance, we provide 2 years warranty.

Q4. Q: How does the Hoace Series machine working?
A: A laser machine works by directing a very powerful laser beam at a precise focal length onto a variety of materials. Depending on the speed and power set, the laser beam will either remove the surface of the material or cut through it.

5. Q: What are the consumables?
A: The Hoace Series laser marking machine if free of maintenance and there are no consumables.

6. Q: Does your laser run from a laptop or Desktop PC?
A: bothare OK, as long as your operation system is window 2000/XP/vista/win7.

7. Q: Does your laser work from printer in coreldraw/autocad?
A: our laser machine can work in CorelDraw and AutoCAD directly.and it connects to PC by using a USB cable.

8. Q: What files is the software compatible with?

9. Q: Whether it can work with Ratory Device?
A: Yes, it can work with Rotary device, we also have many kinds rotary you can choose.

10.Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: We usually make delivery in one weeks after payment.

11.Q: How about the package?
A: Every machine is packed in wooden boxes, if there is a problem with the transportation, we will take full responsibility.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 760 × 510 × 680 cm

2 reviews for HF Series Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine


    Tested it with the instructions yesterday. Easy to use. Worked well. I could actually mark with this kit blew my freaking mind.


    Our precious marking is way old and outdated.Compared all brands of fiber laser machines to give HFS50 a try. Everything was going smooth. Easy transaction fast delivery.
    Got it within 5 days. Easy to assemble. The software that came with it is free and easy to use.

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